“ We do the best for our community, country for Cambodia better”


Agriculture  Social Enterprise,

Nursery seedling, Vegetble, Fruit Farm

Over the years Hesed has been working with Phnong communities in the rural district of Senmonorom. The region lacks any real economic opportunities and with high levels of unemployment, many families are locked in a cycle of poverty.

Over the years Hesed has developed a model which aims to improve opportunities for the Mondulkiri living in deep poverty in these communities. Hesed approaches the complex social issues in a holistic and integrated way through three strands of intervention: education, family support and community development with the third strand involving working closely with local institutions to improve access for Phnong to services such as healthcare.


Currently, two families of phnong people working in Hesed farm. They are getting the education about the new technology of plantation and also earn money at the same time.


Hesed plan to expend work capacity to increase productivity to reduction import from others countries for our community to change the living standard and healthy.


“ We do the best for our community, country for Cambodia better”



(Head Office)   No. 175-179, St. 1003, Borey Pipup Thmey Sen Sok, Phnom Penh


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