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Fair Trade Empowers Producers

Hesed Cambodia is first and foremost to support rural communities of the Kampong Chhnang region of Cambodia. Our vision of the project was, ever since its beginnings, social and equitable, respecting the Fair Trade principles. To this aim, we will offer good working conditions to our employees, buy products at a superior market price, respect the environment, commercials from farm to table, and support children's educational programs.


In 2020 years, we are honored to be certified by WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization). This international acknowledgment proves our everyday social engagement towards our employees and their families and small farmers of the region.​

  1. Quality: Our business focuses on quality for higher standards of Palm Sugar because we care about our customers' health. Especially we are following 10 principles of WFTO standard quality and rules. 

  2. Farmer education: Farmers' spontaneity has become very high through cooperative education. Currently, they are preparing to produce not only Palm Sugar but also other crops jointly. We have trainers from Korean to help all the farmers make them know and prepare to make the place that we are making Plam Sugar is clean before we start. 

  3. Farmer Cooperative: We were educated through the Palm Sugar Agricultural Cooperative, and our members became more independent and cooperative.


Thank you so much to all customers for buying all the Palm Sugar produced by the agricultural cooperative farmers, as HESED promised, even in difficult times with COVID-19. We are a membership of WFTO; that's why we can find new buyers from around the world to support our farmers.

We believe in the future we can support more farmers in Cambodia, help all for the Kingdom purpose, through people who serve joyfully, by offering beneficial products and services, with the process that is effective and efficient and in a way that provides long term profit, including intangible benefit because we will have more buyers from around the World by WFTO membership.

WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization)

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