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Mango Introduction Video

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* 100% Pure Mango
* First Sugar-Free
  Dried Mango

As it comes from nature, Hesed Mango is a 100% dried raw mango
(no additives) product that does not contain any additives such as sugar, coloring, and preservatives.


How is Hesed Dried Mango made?

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Why Hesed Dried Mango is so special?

7 whole mangoes!

200g of Hessed Dried Mango is big
7 rich Cambodian mangoes whole
Contains. (200g standard)

4 nothing


1. Preservatives, artificial colors, antioxidants, sugar... all 0%
2. Unlike other productssold on the market,
3. Dried 100% pure mango without additives
4. It is a reliable product.

Healthy nutritional snacks

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The beta-carotene component in mango
1. Strong antioxidant activity
2. Prevent cell damage and protect cells
3. Prevention of various diseases such as

    cancer or cardiovascular disease

Good Mango

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Srolan in Candal Province, Cambodia
We produce hygienically with the community,
It creates jobs for locals.

How to use and store

1.  Good as a healthy snack for our families and children.
2.  For baking, cut out dried mango and use.
3.  Good as a snack for diet.
4.  Use as a topping for yogurt or shaved ice.

Storage method: If you keep it in the refrigerator, you can eat it fresh longer.

Q & A

Q.  Why are the taste, color and shape of each product slightly different?
A.  Because Cambodian mangoes are well aged and dried without any additives, the taste, 

     color, and shape of cuts may vary slightly from mango to mango.
Q.  Why is the shelf life short?A.  Hesed Dried Mango is a pure mango with no additives, unlike regular      Dried Mango, so its shelf life is relatively short.

Our Packaging

Plastic Zipper Bag 120g


Jackfruit Plastic Zipper Bag 100g


Plastic Zipper Bag 500g


Pineapple Plastic Zipper Bag 100g


Plastic Zipper Bag 100g


Dragon Fruit Plastic Zipper Bag 100g


Plastic Bottle 120g

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