Local and traditional Khmer Product

Palm trees represent a cultural symbol of Cambodia and Khmer people have always protected their palm trees from deforestation, until today. It’s estimated that 20,000 families in Cambodia produce palm sugar, mainly as a paste, using inefficient stoves which make a low-quality sugar. Palm sugar production takes place during the dry season (from December till May) when palm trees produce juice.



100% pure

Palm sugar palmrya palm

is an natural sugar made from sap of the borassus flabelliter tree. this is an all natural product differences in color, taste and aroma, now and as the product ages, are common. The overall quality is not affected. For best taste, store in an airtight container away from direct sunlight and moisture.


Our Packaging

Plastic Zipper Bag 500g

Stick Sachet 150g (30Sachet)

Plastic Zipper Bag 200g

Plastic Bottle 250g (Cinnamon)

Plastic Bottle 420g

Plastic Bottle 250g (Ginger)

Plastic Bottle 250g

Glass Bottle 250ml (Syrup)

KOICA & HESED IBS Project Brochure

The KOICA(Korea International Cooperation Agency) IBS program is a project that helps developing countries create jobs and increase income for vulnerable people by jointly paying for the funds of KOICA and private companies.

Hesed Agricultural Trading Co., Ltd has been selected for the KOICA IBS project since December 2018. We have been working with a Korean company, Cconma, to develop rural Cambodia development and improve agricultural productivity.