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Vision & Mission

* Vision: Witnessing God multiplying holistic transformation impact in the lives of people who engage with HESED.


* Mission: Developing and mutually empowering communities by way of good and godly business practices:

1. for the Kingdom purpose

2. through people who serve joyfully

3. by offering beneficial products and services

4. with the process that is effective and efficient and

5. in a way that provides long term profit, including           

    intangible benefit


Core Values:

1. Christ-centered foundation – in   

    everything we do.

2. Growing together and edifying each

    other – within Hesed.

3. People first – in relation to external

4. Integrity – that reflects honesty,

    sincerity and consistency.

5. Stewardship – that exhibits God’s
    ownership and His good will.

6. Positive attitude – in making initiatives

    and being open-minded.
7. Sustainable excellence – that honors

   God and benefits people

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