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  • What is Borisoth Shop?

  1.  BORISOTH means “pure”, “fresh”, “holy” in Khmer

  2.  Distinctive and valuable natural, organic and healthy foods, product distribution business

  • Purchase reliable partners’ products at reasonable prices, so that they can grow and develop in a sustainable way.



  • Borisoth willing to be a ‘footboard’ for their stepping-up



  • Sales distinctive and valuable natural, organic, healthy valuable foods and products to the buyers and consumers for the healthy and abundant life.



  • Distribution business for all, that is the ultimate desire of the Borisoth Natural & Organic

  • Our Product 

​        What is Hesed dried Mango?

      Hesed Dried Mango is produced by Srolanh Community in Kandal. They make dried fruits by natural ripening in a traditional way using a straw and it is cleaned and cut in the state of natural fruit without adding any additives and hygienically produced by a special dryer machine imported from overseas.

  • Hesed dried Mango

Export Product

Exported Hesed Mango Products (100g zipper, 200g zipper, 120g bottle)

Comparison with Other Dried Mango Products

Hesed Dried Mango

Hesed dried Mango Hygiene Management

Hesed dried mango

  • ISAC Meats 

        ISAC Community in Takeo with the direction of the Ecology Economics Education Mission Community (E3MC), aims to become a self-reliant, sustainable missionary community that combines ecological economy, education, and missions.


     We produce poultry and horticulture with local farmers, cooperating to produce environmental-friendly organic pork, chicken egg and vegetables.

ISAC Meats (Pork, Beef, Chicken)

The Process that ISAC community most to do.



(Head Office)   No. 175-179, St. 1003, Borey Pipup Thmey Sen Sok, Phnom Penh


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